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do you have managers or leaders?, what drives your organization?, are your people proud of what they do?

People follow leaders.

not slogans.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, your identity is defined by the things you prioritize - not just verbally, but by the decisions and actions that follow. So who are you as a leader? Who do you want to be? The fact is, the values you live out become the culture of those around you. Your actions as a leader speak louder than any poster or slogan in the cafeteria. Your constituents are following YOU…not words on a wall.


Reid & Partners can help you:

• Define who you are and want to be.
• Decide on the most appropriate way to communicate your
values to all your stakeholders - internal and external
• Make a lasting change in your culture and overall profitability


Reid and Partners work in the areas of communication and leadership; helping both corporates and NPOs identify, develop, communicate, and implement messages and strategies to grow their organizations and strengthen their impact.

Spreading a leader’s vision to their organization in a clear and authentic manner that compels, empowers, and motivates requires great communication! Communication that can be understood on all levels within the organization and by external stakeholders as well. Reid and Partners enjoys working with organizations who want to grow and go; companies that are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and change their world. In short, proactive companies who want to make a difference in the world around them as well as a profit.

Contact us for a free consultation. Find out if we fit your needs. If not, we’ll be happy to point you to someone else who can.

Our Services

Reid & Partners are a full service communications agency. We help you to define yourself and your organisation as well as communicating your ideas.

Value Identification
Presentation Training
Media Coaching
  • Value Identification

    We can help you discover your personal values as well as the corporate values of your organization. Our simple online value identification tool in conjunction with our online leadership style indicator can provide the basis for highly-effective individual and group discussions.

  • Transformation

    The implementation of corporate values into all aspects of the organization will help form the culture needed to develop desired behaviors and routines. Only then will your organization be positioned to focus its full energy on accomplishing the corporate vision

  • Presentation Training


    Great leaders are great communicators. It's not enough to have a vision or an idea, you have to be able to share that idea in a way that motivates others to join in and accept it as their own. Our research-based presentation training will give you the tools you need to communicate to both internal and external audiences.

  • Media Coaching

    Knowing what to say and what "not" to say is crucial when dealing with external stakeholders. Media events can be pivotal moments in time for your business. We can give you the tools to make the right impression, send the right message, and avoid the mistakes so easily made.


Who will lead your company into the future? Who has the potential to bring more to the table and to help others grow as well? The future of your organization depends on the leaders you are developing NOW! Together with your HR team, we can provide them with the tools they’ll need to become 360° leaders. Our workshops are designed to work separately or together to form the foundational skills leaders need to grab ahold of a vision, empower others, and communicate to your stakeholders.

Organization Values


Discover and identify the values that define your organization. Do they drive your vision?

Servant Leadership


Leverage your greatest assets to bring about a positive cultural change in your organization.

Internal Communication


Train your managers in rhetoric, stage presence, content development, and performance.

Leadership development

Five areas that great leaders need to understand and do

I. Walk the talk – living out your philosophy of leadership
II. Call to a shared vision – helping others see what you see
III. Challenge routines and processes – questioning efficiency
IV. Empower others to act – letting others know the thrill of leading
V. Encourage hearts – being their number one supporter

Each section is prefaced by a half-day workshop to introduce the concept and what will be covered in a self-paced online course. Practical and activity-based learning will ensure that participants gain a deep understanding of these essential leadership elements.


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